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PLEA NETWORK- home page

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSHow Oz government fudges the figuresthe hype of “Net Zero 2050”State of the Climate Global 2020State of the Climate Report (AUST) 2020Insurance: mice, floods and the climate crisisREPORT: Climate Reality Check 2020Big lie and shonky carbon creditsFront Line – Australia’s climate emergency (video); Oz biggest coal exporter in the world (report); Carbon Brief Profile: AustraliaPreparing for the Era of Disasters (report); attribution mapping of extreme weather (interactive map);  2018 was the fourth warmest since 1880(temp trend visualisation)annual climate statement 2018 (video); understanding our heatwave weather;  need to change the frame for decision makers400 years to transform energy systems (graph); 2017 extends period of exceptional warm years;  cost of natural disasters & resilience (report); REMEMBER: it is all in the language;  Clarke & Dawe on the energy debate (video);  global 2C warming limit not feasibleclimate action time warp (video); Kiwis vs Oz (video); dumbest policy on earthSolar SmackDown – Poms vs Oz (video); perspective in the debate (video): dangerous climate warming myth – realityAustralia in 2040want to be counted (video);discouraged by scalemovement for change(video);downshifter;using the legal system for change;information & resource sites; Australian alliances for climate action



Steady State Economy (sub page)

What you will find on this page: new ways to measure growthnew look at limits of growthdownsides of growth (video); “enough is enough” (video)what is a “steady State economy”myths & realitymyth: shopping our way out of climate change (video); economic organisations promoting economic sustainabilityprofessional societies, scientific working groupsorganisations for critical parts of puzzleactivist organisationssign onto the Stead State positionUniversal Basic IncomeUBI website linksUBI articles & latest news; also refer to the following “Downsizing Plan B” page topics –  new economicsjourney to downsizinghow we got ourselves into this messthe story of stuffdegrowth to steady state economydegrowth how to get there

What is Universal Basic Income? (sub page)      The Law vs Politics (sub page)


What you will find on this page – LATEST NEWSwhen will we exceed 1.5/2 degreesNASA links (video); summers ARE getting hottergreenhouse gases rapidly changing atmosphere;  what is pre-industrial levelWMO climate status statement & report for 2016;  today’s extremes, tomorrow’s normal (report); Global temperature & CO2 rise from 1850 to 2016 (interactive animation); understanding climate models (video); climate sensitivitychange by trend or steps? tipping points and temperature risewhy do CO2 levels go up and down (video); why nights are getting warmer faster than daysglobal average temp not same everywhere;  current NOAA maps;  NASA free data set“97% scientist agree” (video); James Hansen speaks out (video); Two degree “safe limit”climate system lag time;   trends or steps?? 

Impacts Observed & Projected (sub page)

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSState of climate 2021;  Hockey Stick graphs: Human influence warming climatedangerous humid heat arriving decades early; ANU’s annual environmental scorecard (report); understanding Oz natural hazardsrising cost of natural disasters for Oz (report); there goes the neighbourhood (housing, investment report); weather and climate change (video); over reliance on satellite data (video); impacts projected for Australialatest report 2016 (report); unpacking IPCC report for Australiafluctuations in temperature trendEl Nino/La Nina/ENSO explained (video); NASA El Nino visual (video); climate zones on the moveabrupt changes, triggers & tipping pointsprojections as a management toolextreme events; bushfire/wildfire (video); heat wavesstorms and floods;  hurricanes/cyclones and climate change/what we know; water scarcity & droughtimpacts happening nowsea level rise (videos & interactive maps); ocean warming is not just about temperature – acidification (video); Great Barrier ReefNASA’s Global Ice ViewerAntarctica (video); permafrostARCTIC (video): Arctic causing loopier weather – continuing debate (video)Arctic report card 2017 (video & report)  how the Arctic matters (video); Arctic loss continues (video); sea ice decline (video); human impacts on world oceansinformation and resource sites; for BOM updates go here; also refer to pages: Mainstreaming our changing climatePopulation & ConsumptionPeople StressFood & Water IssuesEcosystem Stress as the issues are closely related(sub page)

What you will find on this page – definitions and explanations of “carbon” terms and what they mean for climate change response: LATEST NEWSunderstanding carbon budgetshow is CO2 measured – Keeling Curve (video); emissions going up again (report); global carbon budget 2017 (infograph); carbon clock tickingmaking sense of Govt data dumpclimate censorship – what is to hide? global greenhouse gases still rising (REPORT); temperature and CO2 emissions in context (animated video); Global emissions flat 3rd year in row43 greenhouse gases driving global warmingcarbon budget 2017 (infograph): follow CO2 through atmosphere (video); the rich outsourcing emissions to the poorcarbon dioxide levels continue reaching new highsunderstanding the carbon cycles – slow & fastatmospheric CO2 misconceptionscarbon budgetglobal carbon emission footprint (interactive graph); carbon map – who’s responsible800,000 history of carbon dioxide (video); CO2 keeps rising emissions flat – why?are we permanently above 400ppm?CO2 equivalent what is itGHG emission data;  CO2 & CO2 – e measurement analysisemission reduction not all what it seemsclimate system lag timewhat is carbon neutral/offsetting (video, report & recommendations);  carbon pricinghow carbon credits work – Narmboolville; also refer to pages “the science“, “Two degree “safe limit” and “mitigation battle” as the issues are closely related

BOM Updates (sub page)

What you will find on this page: Understanding what drives climate in Victoria (video); State of the Climate 2018 report;  State of the Climate Report 2016 (video); climate zones on the moveAustralia’s changing rainfall zones;  BOM UPDATES: ENSO Wrap-up (El Nino/La Nina); climate outlook update (video); climate outlook – monthly & seasonallatest drought statementheatwave outlookWater in Australia 2014-2015 Reportmonthly water updateAustralian landscape water balance;  

Antarctica (sub page)

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSclimate change reshaping continentAntarctic ice melt – what’s the difference? (video); why Antarctic slower to warmice shelves in rapid decline (video); dry & windy (video); growth of sea ice (video); volcanic chain underlies AntarcticaEast Antarctica glacier meltingWest Antarctica glacier melting (video); ozone hole (yes, it is still there);  understanding the ozone layer (video); Montreal protocollatest newsclimate science (video); Southern Ocean depths (video); to go or not to go?? (video); yes, I went to East Antarctica (videos and links) – join in the movement to protect Antarctica


What you will find on this page: mapping extreme weather attribution (interactive map); statistical climateologyTV meteorologists warming to climate science (video); World Weather AttributionClimate CentralClimate Science (interactive graph & infographic); Climate MattersWXshift (Weather Shift); weather@home (opportunity); weather presenter survey (report); key organisations; TO KEEP UP TO DATE GO TO – ARTICLES & REPORTSweathergirl goes rogue (video)     Also refer to – “The Science” & “Impacts observed & projected” for more details


What you will find on the page: 10 myths about net zero targets;  change the frame for decision makersawful truth about climate change no one wants to admitunderstanding how scenarios work (video); UN Emissions Gap Report 2017Don’t know what NETS are? Negative Emission Technology – no silver bulletthe Tinkerbell Effectnegative emission technologies – what role in meeting Paris Agreement targetsdevil’s bargain – aerosolsreducing emissions alone won’t stop climate change: new researchFocus on Negative Emissions Scenarios and Technologieswebsite for assessing climate engineeringBioenergy carbon capture & storage (BECCS); carbon capture and storage (CCS); GEOENGINEERING“OVERSHOOT” another scenario component; Also refer to “Global Action/Inaction” and “Australian Response” pages as the issues are closely related


What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSrunning out of planet (video); human dimension missing in climate modelling; planetary boundaries; climate change a symptom – story of the violinthrowaway societyfresh water consumption crossing boundaryglobal footprint (video); Global Footprint Network (video); Earth Overshoot Day (video) Rockefeller-Lancet Commission planetary health report

People Stress (sub page)

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSretreat not as easy as first thoughttoughest question – who gets savedinland cities sinkingnot only the poor feeling effects of climate changerecord losses as global warming worsensdevelopment threat mappeddo we ever learn from historyhealth & climate change (video);  population dataclimate refugeesdisplaced persons; born into danger (video); global povertyhealth issuesDoctors for the Environment Australiainformation & resource sites; also refer to page “impacts observed & projected” as the issues are closely related 

Food & Water Issues (sub page)

What you will find on this page: how climate change shapes food insecurity (video); Weather Alert: 4 Corners program (video); About time we got over the “yuk” factor for recycled water (video); Farmers for Climate Action (video); Cool Farm Tool online calulator; Australia’s future food security; WRI ChallengeUNEP summaryBOM water sitesAustralia’s water challengeclimate driversunderstanding ENSO (video); groundwater usewater futureswater tradingagriculturefood & water crisislocalising food productioncomplex food distributionland use – agriculture & forestrylatest news; also refer to page “impacts observed & projected” as the issues are closely related

Equity & Social Justice (sub page)

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSthe system is brokenlatest newspeace indices & dataIndigenous communitieslow income households (video); Free Trade AgreementsAustralia’s FTA’sdebunking trade mythsinformation & resource sites. Also refer to page Downsizing Plan B as the issues are closely related

Ecosystem Stress (sub page)

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSwe are the asteroid (video); worldwide tree cover loss/gain; (interactive map) impacts & adaptation NRM regionsknowing what to protect; management & planningclimate zones on the move; invasive speciesexamples of ecosystem impactslatest news;information & resource sites; also refer to pages “impacts observed & projected” and” population & consumption” as the issues are closely related 

Security & Conflict (sub page)

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSclimate changes and (US) security issues; REPORT: Conflict vs Climate; cost of sanctioned violence (video); trends in military spendingclimate change as a stressorsecurity & national interests (video); REPORT: Combat vs Climatesanctioned violencebattle for resources


What you will find on this page: knowledge vs understanding (video); when facts are not just facts (video); PLEASE stop talking about the environment (video); book excerpt – why we are wired to ignore climate changebook trailer (video); How to talk to a climate change denier (video); ideas for digging our way out of this holebut what do climate scientists say? (video); Climate Access publication -The Preparation Frame; New Guide: Communicating effectively with the centre-righthuman psychology and why don’t “they” get it?;  door-knocking on climate guidetalking to the right (video); election guideengaging centre-rightreligious leaders speak outbrightsidingecho chambers;  latest newslatest opinion pollkey information & resource sites

Resource News Sites (sub page)

What is on this page? Access Journalist Training Material; Access Climate Access recommended blogs; Guide to the science of climate change communication; Ten great writers to follow on Twitter for climate change news


What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSCOP 26 summariesIPCC AR6 reportIntersessional Bonn in July outcomesCOP 25 outcomesUNEP 2019 Production Gap reportCOP 24 Update & Australia’s continuing abuse of the system; update on where we are atMay ’18 Bonn climate talksParis deeply flawed; Leaked !PCC draft 1.5o / 2o implicationsLatest COP 23 – fox in the hen houseTrump picks up his batBonn talks concludeCOP 22 Marrakechglobal pledges will still hit 2 degreesExplainer: Why a UN climate deal on HFCs atters; ratification? Now whereParis Agreement nearing ratificationUN science panel debate 1.5CMontreal Protocol updateon track from Paris – smoke & mirrors? regional climate change and national responsibilities; Marrakech COP22Paris COP21 outcome & highlights; Paris Agreement timeline for reviews: Paris agreement outcomes summarywhat Paris means for Australialegality of Paris agreementtracking climate action plansother climate trackersJeremy Leggett’s chronicle (a must read!); Climate Action Networkunderstand international negotiationstwo degree “safe limit”UNFCCCUN climate talksnew climate agreement

Also refer to “Australian response”  page for Australia’s global involvement and “fairyland of 2 degrees” page; and “Paris COP 21 wrap-up

IPCC what is it? (sub page)

What you will find on this page: special report on oceans & cryosphereClimate change & land IPCC Reportunpacking latest reportSpecial Report released; Gavin Schmidt respondstypical inane response from our govtleaked IPCC Special Report;what is the IPCC and what does it dowhat does the IPCC have to do with UNFCCCwhere is the IPCC up to – AR6IPCC special reports being written5th Assessment reports (AR5); IMPORTANT: To get the most out of IPCC reports you need to keep in mind the following: who signs off on reportsIPCC scenarios – Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs); understanding how scenario models work (video), RCP’s to be replaced with SSP’sIPCC language – probability & confidence (they don’t mean what we think they mean); key messages from current AR5 reports. Also refer to: “Global Action/Inaction” page and “Fairyland of 2 degrees” page


What you will find on this page: your greenwashing guideAust drops plans to use Kyoto creditsOz govt dodgy accounting;  Aust rising emissionsAustralia needs to stop pretending we’re tackling climate changenumbers are outnew energy target – drop the “clean & ignore climateStates leading the way (report) release of Oz emissions 2016unpacking Finkel reportOz emissions riseFed budget climate policy silenceState renewables bashing continues; Australian climate politics in 2017: a guide for the perplexed; what did Malcolm have to say in 2012latest example where political interest out weigh commonsense and foresightcarbon budget blowout or the continuance of creative accountingbeyond the limits report & Paris temperature checkglobal energy efficiency reportGreat Barrier Reef sagaNational Greenhouse & Energy information; emissions reality checkParis policy briefAustralia’s global pledgeKYOTO commitmentSafeguard MechanismEmissions Reduction Fundfirst auction resultssecond auction resultsDirect ActionRenewable Energy Target. Also refer to “Global Action/Inaction” and “Fairyland of 2 degrees” pages as issues are related

Federal Government – checking the facts (sub page)

What you will find on this page: fossil fuels, subsidies and MP blockersclimate policy credibility assessmentfact checkersemission reduction target global demand for coal, Paris Agreementemission levels upsolar report card; Infographic: the size of Australia’s governmentClimate Change Authority: reviews and publications 


What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSmapped – world’s coal plants (interactive map); latest on fossil fuel subsidiescountries with carbon pricesAdani myths & facts; renewable power complexityworld’s largest CO2 importers & exporters100 companies 71% emissionspollution and price reporta President Trump? China’s coal warclimate change is about power (video); history of fossil fuels (video); significant fossil fuel projectsIMF not telling allbattle of the giantsoil boom or bust (video); coal seam gasfracking what is it (videos); pros & cons of frackingcoal in Australia regional context;

 Fossil Fuel Reduction (sub page)

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSFossil fuel emissions have stalledMapped: global coal tradeComplexity of energy systems (maps);Mapped: Germany’s energy sources (interactive access); Power to the people (video); Unburnable Carbon (report); Stern Commission ReviewGarnaut reportslive generation datafossil fuel subsidiesdivestmenthow to run a divestment campaign guide; local council divestment guide;  US coal plant retirementoil conventional & unconventional;  CSG battle in Australia (videos); CSG battle in Victorialeasing maps for Victoriacoal projects Victoria


What you will find on this page: Community Resilience Reader (book); can planting trees save our climate?adaptation not as easy as first thoughtcost of natural disasters & resilience (report); Think Resilience (self directed course); practical knowledge for adaptationresilience benchmarking for community organisations; adapting Australia to climate changerisk assessmentinsurance industry tracking risk; maps & graphsresilient societies (video)new future ideas (video); cost of adaptationEarth Economics;  fire management; latest news

Downsizing Plan B (sub page)

What you will find on this page: trickle down does not workworld governance contextglobalisationnational accountswhy isn’t it collapsingwhat is missing in GDP (video); new economicsjourney to downsizinghow we got ourselves into this messthe story of stuff (video); degrowth to steady state economydegrowth how to get therekey information & resource sites for changing the way we live – downsizing (video); LATEST NEWS; ; also refer to pages steady state economy; “cities responding“; “equity & social justice” as the issues are closely related

Cities Responding (sub page)

What you will find on this page: Saga City (video); fundamentals for changeenergy/emissions managementcarbon management principlescouncil divestment guide;  greening urban environmentcanopy cover; tree benefitsheat island effectgreen roofs (video); urban forestry strategieslocalising food productioncreative urban farmingurban planning – how long to change directionLocal Govt Planning SchemeMunicipal Strategic Statementcouncil strategic document;Council PlanMunicipal  Health & Wellbeing Planand then there’s moregetting people out of cars; public transport; innovative waste management; also refer to pages population & consumptionfood & water issuespeople stress and downsizing plan B as the issues are closely related


What you will find on this page: latest newsBallarat weather forecast (live); Narmboolville Fed Uni on-line game;  people resourceslinks to actionlinks to forumsBallaratians sharingCity of BallaratCentral Highlands Waterbusiness & industryBeaufort HospitalHepburn Wind 

Reports & Submissions (sub page)

What you will find on this page: leadership issues; bioenergywaste managementcity planningwater management

Regional Sustainability Alliance Ballarat (sub page): Background; members; minutes and reports


What you will find on this page: what is the network; network purposedisclaimerclusters formed for 2017/18 fire seasoninformation session details; contacts for more information; community support for network

FireAware Network – neighbourhood clusters specific details for information sharing (sub page)

FireAware Network – understanding risk (sub page)

What you will find on this page: bushfire risk south side (video) bushfire risk for bush blocks (video); bushfire risk for sub divisions (video) what is it like when fire meets urban fringe (Canberra fires 2003 – video); radiant heat versus embers (video); How mentally prepared are you? (video); Victorian bushfire outlook updateCheck your level of riskMyth Busters – common myths about bushfire; how a bushfire behaveslearn about embers and their role in house fires

FireAware Network – be prepared (sub page)

What you will find on this page: handy tips to assist households prepare (video); more videos about the need to prepare (4); Bushfire Prone Areas/BAL ratings; preparing your plan: FireReady QuizCFA Fire Ready KitCFA Fireguard Programmore plan formatsplan format for older residentsbusiness fire ready kitother State planning materialACTNSWSA & Tasmaniaother guides – garden planning, pets, buildings, ember protection; comprehensive resource materialcommunity organisations – building resilience 

FireAware Network – role of council and emergency services (sub page)

What you will find on this page: role of Ballarat council & emergency services;  What happens when a bushfire starts in the local area? understanding warnings and getting information (video); Victorian Bushfire Handbook extractsinformation to assist immediately after a fire  (links in blue); closer to home – information provided by Moorabool Shire Council for residents affected by Scotsburn bushfires, December 2015

FireAware Network – resources (sub page)

What you will find on this page: what it is like when fire meets the urban fringe (video); getting ready for bushfire easier than you think (video);mental preparation and emotional response (video); understanding fire weather (video) WANTING MORE DETAIL? more videos: computer program that saved a townpredicting the path of bushfiresPhoenix RapidFireFire, Space & Timebushfire recovery for private landstakeholder input into bushfire management planningbusting bushfire myths – expert briefinglatest in bushfire researchARTICLES; Joan Webster’s articlesREPORTS; Learnings from Wye River fires (video); Black Saturday (video) 


What you will find on this page: VIDEOSThe Ballad of the Dunny RollIf God came backWeathergirl gone rogueGreensumptionARTICLESRichard HeinbergJeremy LeggettJohn Pilger;  Chris HedgesNoam ChomskyPeter RussellBrian Snyder;  BOOKSNoam Chomsky’s latest book, “Requiem for the American Dream,” (video);  Knowledge Wars, by Peter Doherty (video); power of concentration (video); The Earth from Space (video)


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What you will find on this page: ocean plastics campaign (videos); individual/household actionschange the way you thinkNarmboolville on-line gameCSIRO Sustainable Futures schoolsBOM teacher & student resourcesNASA for educators & weathergirl gone rogueNASA climate kidsPost Carbon Readereconomics & sustainabilityUN CC Learning platformPlanetary boundaries and human opportunities” open for enrollmentexploring greater breadth of issues