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FireAware Network – neighbourhood clusters

specific details for information sharing

Would you and a few neighbours like to know more about the bushfire risks to Brown Hill? Contact Hazen to arrange a suitable time 

NOTICE! Don’t know if you are in a cluster area? 


Janson Rd/Stringybark Dr Cluster (also includes larger house blocks between the creek crossing and Coorabin Estate on Springs Rd)

Cluster Contact: Jeff – 0418 556 716   

Residents of the Janson Rd Neighbourhood Cluster are INVITED to attend a FireAware Information Session to discuss the bushfire risk to our neighbourhood and how households can prepare themselves and their property for the coming fire season.

 Access previous Information Session Notes on bushfire risk to residents living on bush blocks here 

Russell Sq/Lane St Cluster details (includes all households located between Russell Sq/Lane St & Scott Pde/Yarrowee River reserve)

Cluster Contact: Alice – 0455 247 006

Access previous Information Session Notes  on bushfire risk to south side residents here

Finlay St Sth/Bradbury St Cluster (includes residents along Water St from Bradbury St to Warrenheip Ck)

Cluster Contact: Hazen – 0408 690 493

Access previous Information Session Notes on bushfire risk to south side residents here

Coorabin Estate Cluster 

SESSION 2018/19 season

Access previous Information Session Notes on  bushfire risk to residents living in sub divisions here


Would you be interested in helping to grow the Network by starting up a Cluster in your neighbourhood? All assistance much appreciated!

The initial step is to decide on the number of households for your cluster. Generally this would be a logical grouping either by a street or 2; a block of houses; a subdivision. It can be as small as 6-8 households or as big as you wish. Having a buddy to share the letterboxing is also handy. An extra bonus is that we do not have meetings.

The flyers for letterboxing are prepared by the Network Coordinator – Hazen (that’s me). They will be photocopied and delivered to you to distribute. The flyers will also contain bushfire related information (provided by CFA) and information on the bushfire risk to the neighbourhood and fundamentals for preparing their property and household both physically and mentally.

Your input can be as much as your time and resources allow. We work on flexibility and cooperation being the best way to work together to deliver the Network outcomes.

Contact: Hazen or ring 0408 690 493 for more information (obligation free!)