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PLEA NETWORK- home page

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWS; BOM Annual Climate Statement 2016; global 2C warming limit not feasibleleading economists call for inclusive and sustainable development in Stockholm Statementclimate action time warp (video); Kiwis vs Oz (video) when an extreme event becomes political – SA stormsdumbest policy on earthwho gets saved? Solar SmackDown – Poms vs Oz (video); Overshoot Day 2016(video); perspective in the debate (video): climate reality check; carbon countdownconfused? new Oz climate developing2015 Hot Year on RecordWorld Economic Forum risks for 2016; ongoing legacy of 2015; dangerous climate warming myth – reality; Australia in 2040fossil fuel (interactive graph); what is happening to our worldwant to be counted (video);  discouraged by scalemovement for change (video); downshifter; using the legal system for changeinformation & resource sites; Australian alliances for climate action

Steady State Economy (sub page)

What you will find on this page: new ways to measure growthnew look at limits of growthdownsides of growth (video); “enough is enough” (video)what is a “steady State economy”; myths & reality; myth: shopping our way out of climate change (video); economic organisations promoting economic sustainability; professional societies, scientific working groups; organisations for critical parts of puzzle; activist organisations; sign onto the Stead State position; Universal Basic Income; UBI website links; UBI articles & latest news; also refer to the following “Downsizing Plan B” page topics –  new economics; journey to downsizing; how we got ourselves into this messthe story of stuff; degrowth to steady state economy; degrowth how to get there



What you will find on this page – LATEST NEWS; today’s extremes, tomorrow’s normal (report) State  of the Climate 2015 Report (NOAA); climate sensitivitytipping points and temperature risewhat is IPCC up toNASA links (videos); why do CO2 levels go up and down (video); why nights are getting warmer faster than daysglobal average temp not same everywhere;  current NOAA maps;  NASA free data set; IPCC latest reports;“97% scientist agree” (video); James Hansen speaks out (video); Two degree “safe limit”; climate system lag time;  IPCC background; IPCC latest findings 

Impacts Observed & Projected (sub page)

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWS; understanding Oz natural hazardshow the Arctic matters (video); there goes the neighbourhood (housing, investment report); weather and climate change (video); the heat marches on (report); over reliance on satellite data (video); impacts projected for Australia; latest report; unpacking IPCC report for Australiafluctuations in temperature trend; El Nino/La Nina/ENSO explained (video); NASA El Nino visual (video); climate zones on the move; abrupt changes, triggers & tipping points; projections as a management toolextreme events; bushfire/wildfire (video); heat waves; storms and floods; water scarcity & drought; impacts happening now; sea level rise (videos & interactive maps); Great Barrier Reef; NASA’s Global Ice ViewerAntarctica (video); permafrost; Arctic (video): sea ice decline (video);human impacts on world oceansgeoengineering; information and resource sites; for BOM updates go here; also refer to pages: Population & Consumption; People StressFood & Water Issues; Ecosystem Stress as the issues are closely related

All Things Carbon and Emissions (sub page)

What you will find on this page – definitions and explanations of “carbon” terms and what they mean for climate change response: understanding the carbon cycles – slow & fast; atmospheric CO2 misconceptions; carbon budget; global carbon emission footprint (interactive graph); carbon map – who’s responsible; 800,000 history of carbon dioxide (video); CO2 keeps rising emissions flat – why?; are we permanently above 400ppm?; CO2 equivalent what is it; GHG emission data;  CO2 & CO2 – e measurement analysis; emission reduction not all what it seems; carbon concentration overshoot; climate system lag time; what is carbon neutral/offsetting (video, report & recommendations);  carbon capture and storage (video); carbon pricing; how carbon credits work – Narmboolville; also refer to pages “the science“, “Two degree “safe limit” and “mitigation battle” as the issues are closely related

BOM Updates (sub page)

What you will find on this page: Annual Climate Statement 2016 (video); State of the Climate Report 2016 (video); record September rainsclimate zones on the move; Australia’s changing rainfall zones;  BOM UPDATES: ENSO Wrap-up (El Nino/La Nina); climate outlook update (video); climate outlook – monthly & seasonal; latest drought statement; heatwave outlook; Water in Australia 2013-2014 Report; monthly water update; Australian landscape water balance; Special Climate Statements

Antarctica (sub page)

What you will find on this page: ice shelves in rapid decline (video); dry & windy (video); growth of sea ice (video); volcanic chain underlies AntarcticaEast Antarctica glacier melting; West Antarctica glacier melting (video); ozone hole (yes, it is still there);  understanding the ozone layer(video); Montreal protocol; latest newsclimate science (video); to go or not to go?? (video); Mawson’s Hut at Commonwealth Bay (video)


What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSplanetary boundaries; climate change a symptom – story of the violin; throwaway societyfresh water consumption crossing boundaryglobal footprint (video); Global Footprint Network (video); Earth Overshoot Day (video) Rockefeller-Lancet Commission planetary health report


People Stress (sub page)

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWS; not only the poor feeling effects of climate changerecord losses as global warming worsensdevelopment threat mapped; do we ever learn from history; health & climate change (video);  population data; climate refugeesdisplaced persons; born into danger (video); global poverty; health issues; Doctors for the Environment Australiainformation & resource sites; also refer to page “impacts observed & projected” as the issues are closely related 

Food & Water Issues (sub page)

What you will find on this page: how climate change shapes food insecurity; About time we got over the “yuk” factor for recycled water (video);Cool Farm Tool online calulator; Australia’s future food security; WRI Challenge; UNEP summary; BOM water sitesAustralia’s water challenge; climate drivers; understanding ENSO (video); groundwater use; water futures; water tradingagriculture; food & water crisis; localising food production;complex food distribution; land use – agriculture & forestrylatest news; also refer to page “impacts observed & projected” as the issues are closely related

Equity & Social Justice (sub page)

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSthe system is broken; latest newspeace indices & data; Indigenous communities; low income households (video); Free Trade Agreements; Australia’s FTA’s; debunking trade mythsinformation & resource sites. Also refer to page Downsizing Plan B as the issues are closely related

Ecosystem Stress (sub page)

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWSwe are the asteroid (video); impacts & adaptation NRM regions; knowing what to protect; management & planningclimate zones on the move; invasive species; examples of ecosystem impacts; latest news; information & resource sites; also refer to pages “impacts observed & projected” and” population & consumption” as the issues are closely related 

Security & Conflict (sub page)

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWS; climate changes and (US) security issues; REPORT: Conflict vs Climate; cost of sanctioned violence (video); trends in military spending; climate change as a stressorsecurity & national interests (video); REPORT: Combat vs Climatesanctioned violence; battle for resources



What you will find on this page: knowledge vs understanding (video); PLEASE stop talking about the environment (video); book excerpt – why we are wired to ignore climate change; book trailer (video); How to talk to a climate change denier (video); ideas for digging our way out of this hole; but what do climate scientists say? (video); Climate Access publication -The Preparation Frame; New Guide: Communicating effectively with the centre-right;human psychology and why don’t “they” get it?;  door-knocking on climate guidetalking to the right (video); election guide; engaging centre-right;religious leaders speak out; brightsiding; echo chambers;  latest news; latest opinion poll; key information & resource sites

Resource News Sites (sub page)

Website list

Vocal Minority (sub page)

What you will find on this page: difficulty in addressing misinformation; Six Decades of Oil-Tobacco Nexus of Deception and Attacks on Science (video);New Website: Climate Feedback – for scientific referencingover reliance on satellite data alone (video); publications; specific myth busting; Consensus Project; conservatism – points of view; what is really warming the worldexamples of misinformation (video); information & resource sites



What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWS; COP 22 Marrakechglobal pledges will still hit 2 degrees; Explainer: Why a UN climate deal on HFCs atters; ratification? Now whereParis Agreement nearing ratificationUN science panel debate 1.5CMontreal Protocol updateon track from Paris – smoke & mirrors? regional climate change and national responsibilities (video); Marrakech COP22Paris COP21 outcome & highlights; Paris Agreement timeline for reviews: Paris agreement outcomes summary; what Paris means for Australialegality of Paris agreement journey to Paris; tracking climate action plans; other climate trackersJeremy Leggett’s chronicle (a must read!); Climate Action Networkunderstand international negotiations;two degree “safe limit”UNFCCC; UN climate talks; new climate agreement; also refer to “Australian response”  page for Australia’s global involvement

Paris COP21 Wrap-up (sub page)

Summaries of outcomes and analysis


What you will find on this page: National Greenhouse & Energy information; emissions reality check; Paris policy brief; Australia’s global pledge; KYOTO commitment; Safeguard MechanismEmissions Reduction Fund; first auction results; second auction results; Direct ActionRenewable Energy Target

Federal Government – checking the facts (sub page)

What you will find on this page: fossil fuels, subsidies and MP blockers; climate policy credibility assessment; fact checkers: emission reduction target,global demand for coal, Paris Agreement, emission levels up, solar report card; Infographic: the size of Australia’s government; Climate Change Authority: reviews and publications 


What you will find on this page: a President Trump? China’s coal warclimate change is about power (video); history of fossil fuels (video); significant fossil fuel projects; IMF not telling all; battle of the giants; oil boom or bust (video); coal seam gas; fracking what is it (videos); pros & cons of fracking;coal in Australia regional context; latest news

 Fossil Fuel Reduction (sub page)

What you will find on this page: LATEST NEWS; Fossil fuel emissions have stalledMapped: global coal tradeComplexity of energy systems (maps);Mapped: Germany’s energy sources (interactive access); Power to the people (video); Unburnable Carbon (report); Stern Commission Review; Garnaut reports; live generation data; fossil fuel subsidies; divestment; how to run a divestment campaign guide; local council divestment guide;  US coal plant retirement; oil conventional & unconventional;  CSG battle in Australia (videos); CSG battle in Victoria; leasing maps for Victoria; coal projects Victoria


Other Sources of GHG (sub page)

What you will find on this page: main non-CO2 gases; global anthropogenic GHG emissions: global emissions by sector; methane budget (updated Dec ’16): radiative forcing (video); curbing non CO2 gasesGlobal Warming Potential tableactions to lessen non-CO2 gases; also refer to page “the mitigation battle” as the issues are closely related 


What you will find on this page: resilience benchmarking for community organisations; adapting Australia to climate change; risk assessmentinsurance industry tracking risk; maps & graphs; resilient societies (video); new future ideas (video); cost of adaptation; Earth Economics;  fire management; latest news


Downsizing Plan B (sub page)

What you will find on this page: trickle down does not work; world governance context; globalisationnational accounts; why isn’t it collapsing; what is missing in GDP (video); new economics; journey to downsizing; how we got ourselves into this messthe story of stuff (video); degrowth to steady state economy; degrowth how to get therekey information & resource sites for changing the way we live – downsizing (video); LATEST NEWS; ; also refer to pages steady state economy; “cities responding“; “equity & social justice” as the issues are closely related

Cities Responding (sub page)

What you will find on this page: city planning needs to change (video); LATEST NEWSnew resource guide for advanced learning on climate change and cities; Paris climate package: Basic Guide for Local and Sub-national Governmentslocal govt & climate policy; ICLEI tools for change; cities cutting emissions; Australian cities committing to action; 100 Resilient Cities (video); global cities get togethers; US cities policy & program efforts; also refer to pages: population & consumptionfood & water issues, people stress and downsizing plan B as the issues are closely related

City Basics for Change (sub page)

What you will find on this page: Saga City (video); fundamentals for change; energy/emissions management; carbon management principles; council divestment guidegreening urban environment; canopy cover; tree benefits; heat island effect; green roofs (video); urban forestry strategies;localising food production; creative urban farming; urban planning – how long to change direction; Local Govt Planning Scheme; Municipal Strategic Statementcouncil strategic document;Council Plan; Municipal  Health & Wellbeing Plan; and then there’s moregetting people out of cars; public transport; innovative waste management; also refer to pages population & consumption, food & water issues, people stress and downsizing plan B as the issues are closely related

New Energy Sources (sub page)

What you will find on this page: future jobs & growth (report); our renewable future (book); complexity of energy systems (video); future integrated energy systems (video); community taking the lead (video); Germany an example (video); renewable energy transition; can renewables support status quo; global statistics (video); reality check; solar installation; wind generation; renewables info sites; bioenergy, biofuels, biomass, biogas; World Bioenergy Association fact sheets; controversy – native forests/biomass; bioenergy reports re Ballarat; bioenergy information & resource sites; also refer to pages “the mitigation battle” and “fossil fuel reduction” as the issues are closely related


What you will find on this page: latest news; ASL Congress: Waters of Past and Present: Shaping Pathways for Future Management’;  Narmboolville Fed Uni on-line gamepeople resources; links to action; links to forums; Ballaratians sharingCity of Ballarat; Central Highlands Water; business & industry; Beaufort Hospital; Hepburn Wind 


Reports & Submissions (sub page)

What you will find on this page: leadership issues; bioenergy; waste management; city planningwater management

Regional Sustainability Alliance Ballarat (sub page)

Background; members; minutes and reports


What you will find on this page: articles; book list; power of concentration


Links Page for Teachers (Archives Library – sub page )

What you will find on this page: individual/household actions; change the way you think; Narmboolville on-line gameCSIRO Sustainable Futures schools; BOM teacher & student resources; NASA for educators & weathergirl gone rogue; NASA climate kids; Post Carbon Reader; economics & sustainability; UN CC Learning platform; Planetary boundaries and human opportunities” open for enrollmentexploring greater breadth of issues